It's been quite a long time but here's finally chapter 2. Some troubles happened along the way from our happy beginning, but here we are again, stronger and maybe wiser :-)

We have some news -good and bad- for our fans and patrons. Starting for the bad ones, I'm afraid that the monthly update seems right now hard to achieve. It's a shame but if we want to deliver the high quality comic we aspire to be it's the most logical step. The good news is that all of you supporting Renegades with you hard earned money, will spend less and will have a little bit more: maybe we will have only new pages each two months, but I hope to post more frequently related stuff -blog posts, sketches, sneak peeks, and probably the chapters would be a little bit longer.

So, feel free to spread the news! Renegades is here to stay, completely free. But if you want to help us with a coin or a bunch of money, it's really easy and you'll be an important part of a cool project.

Thanks a lot!
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