2 Cards: Healing The Past

Interesting that as I write this I am listening to a mash up cover song by Conor Maynard and Alex Aiono called "My Way/Don't Wanna Know" by Calvin Harris/Maroon Five, and it's subliminally synching up with these cards.  The chorus is:

"You were the one thing in my way."

"I don't want to know."

And so just from that alone I feel like I have to say that for the ones who have that ex from hell then your angels are trying to get you to understand that you were hurt or damaged more then you tend to let on and this ex is or was the thing that was standing in your way (obviously on a heart level) when it comes to moving on.  Or if you've been wondering why moving forward has been such a slow process.

And then for the ones asking God, "What is this ex really feeling about me and what they did to me?" the other part of the song is all about how the person doesn't want to know what their ex is feeling.  If your ex is or was giving you an outer image that they were fine and moved on and they don't care and never did...and if that has been messing you up in your mind, then let me explain it like this...

OK so that ex, they don't want to know how you feel or what you think because it would mean having to face themselves and how they hurt you and a person with proper enlightenment consciousness is all about "Let me know how I impact you so that I can do better in my actions."  But people who aren't about enlightenment, self reflection, feeling sorry, having compassion and empathy, then those are the people who turn into the exes who just hit the bricks and don't look back.

Now on to the cards... the Ex card is telling us that even though there are people in our past there is such a thing as making peace with the past.  Acceptance of reality creates a path for forgiveness and healing.  The reality is something from the past needs more conscious acceptance that it happened.  The Flower card shows us that something good has come from that past experience though.  God would be suggesting, "Look for the flower, the blessing that came out, don't look at the wound anymore."

This is about your heart is healing.  It's gearing up to move past that person or thing that was in the way on some subliminal level.

I love you.

Take Care of yourself.