2 CC's of Thorazine

Get off me, what what the hell are you doing?
Where were the bees that were attacking me? is my mind all ruined
Oh my God! Is it gunshots i hear outside?
Footsteps now running to my door, thumping, trying to get inside
Please, Help me somebody please help!
I drew a knife out the cupboard, rush to the front door, but it was only My Landlord Mrs. Felps
"What are you doing with the knife you maniac?"
"You still owe me 4 months rent, now where's the money at?"
"I, I, I am sorry Mam, i just need more time"
"I will get you your money, please be kind"
" You have 24 hours, or else your stuff will be on the streets"
"I should have never rented you this place, you are damn crazy, and look like you have a disease!"
As she walked away i felt a hand placed upon my shoulder
It said, "What are you waiting for, grab her and choke her"
I sneaked up behind her and reached for her neck
Then she turned around swiftly and said "What the heck!"
"What is it you lunatic, do you have my rent?"
"Working on It Mrs Felps"
"Good, because i need every red cent"

I ran to my room and slammed the door behind
I felt like for a couple of seconds i had gone blind
"Where is that trusty razor of mine that knows my skin so well
I  began to cut my self again, first when i pulled out the razor, it was a  feeling like heaven, then the cuts brought me down to hell.
I was there on the floor, with my hands bleeding out
With voices in my head calling my name, Emany Emany, Emany, wake up!
Then i opened my eyes and saw people in white surrounded me
What's this, is this heaven i see?
Then the images began to clear up and i saw familiar faces
My eyes rolled around and i was in familiar places
"Doctor, It's Emany again, he is hallucinating and acting all nuts, pouring oil on his face now its all shine"
"Emany, behave yourself; nurse, get me 2 CC's of Thorazine.