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So I've been trying to work with Overclocked Remix EDM extraordinaire Andrew Aversa — that is, Zircon — for awhile now. I really don't do enough RPG-style music and an opportunity presented itself. Andrew did the OST to Dungeonmans and asked if I'd like to do a demake of any of the tracks. I was feeling the Town track as a chiptune since Town and Overworlds are often more memorable tracks from games, so here we are. There might be more than one of these coming down the pike (some of the battle/boss themes lend themselves to some C64), but for now I just want to make sure you, my Patrons with hot Patooties (ugh, I'll never alliterate again), got access to this. Patreon begins billing for this month's work tomorrow, so expect a download code for this and also C64est (the track from earlier this month) to show up in your inbox soon! Thanks for supporting!
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