2) The first storm
The world grew beautiful and filled with life under Batu and Besar's loving care. When the land had filled with plants they began to grow in the sea, and when the oceans were full of animals they began to explore the land. Then, something even more wonderful happened. Besar herself bore a child.

We do not know his name, for none live who remember him, but now we call him 'Nomos,' the god of the sky. As the son of the land and the ocean, the most powerful beings in the world, 'Nomos' was more powerful than all. He was clever as well, and quickly learned the first seven words, "who" and "no" and "yes" and "love," and also "earth" which meant Batu his father, "sea" which meant Besar his mother, and "sky" which meant 'Nomos' himself.

Of all the creatures of the world, 'Nomos's dearest friend was Rua, the first dragon. They knew each other better than they knew themselves, and wherever one was, the other was never far away. They would play together, racing and chasing through the air. Rua was almost as fast and as strong as 'Nomos,' when they both were still young. As they grew older, Rua grew faster and stronger, but 'Nomos' grew faster and stronger still.

One day, the sky was dark and troubled. 'Nomos' wanted to play a chasing game, but Rua was unsure. 'Nomos's confidence soon persuaded Rua that there was nothing to fear. As they raced between the clouds, Rua darted ahead, and 'Nomos' lunged to catch her. Rua saw how much faster he had become, and remembered why she had been afraid. She urged herself forward to escape, but he was right behind her, and siezed hold of her tail. She struggled to break free, and as they tossed and turned, the first clouds began to swirl. 'Nomos' did not understand his own strength. Rua pleaded, the eighth word, which was "fear" and meant that something was wrong.

From the wind rushing around him, and the thrill of the chase, 'Nomos' could not hear Rua. He thought she had invented a new game, a fighting game that he enjoyed very much. As Rua fought to break free, and 'Nomos' fought to hold on, the first storm raged in the sky. Rua pleaded again, again said the eigth word, and 'Nomos' heard this time but still did not know what she meant. He saw too late what was happening around them. He flew away, fleeing from the first storm, and realized Rua was not with him.

He flew back into the storm, and saw that Rua was too weakened from their struggle to escape. He lifted her injured body, and tried again to flee the storm. It had grown stronger, and 'Nomos' fought to carry Rua away. When they finally broke free, Rua had been bruised, battered and torn. Cradling her broken body, 'Nomos' begged, now understanding the meaning of the eighth word. He begged for Rua to survive, but could only watch as her body grew cold, crumbled to dust and blew away in the angry wind. 'Nomos' sobbed, and weeping, uttered the ninth word, which was "die" and meant that something beautiful had been lost forever.

With the death of his dearest friend, 'Nomos' was consumed by rage and grief. He glared at his father, and the earth burned. He turned his back on his mother, and the sea froze. He clawed at his body, and lightning crashed in the clouds. He fled as far away as he could go, and the skies were torn by wind. As he flew, he screamed, pouring all his pain into the ninth word, and every plant and animal who heard him fell dead.

On that day, 'Nomos's spirit shattered into six pieces, which became the six elements that we know: Earth, Water, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind. 'Nomos' was left an empty shell, and flew on until he had reached the end of the world. He wished to die, to follow Rua. Again and again he screamed the ninth word. As a god, 'Nomos' could not die, but killed everything around him, until there was nothing left at the end of the world. Alone with only his misery, he used the last of his power to create a storm around himself that nothing could break through. He remains there to this day, grieving for Rua.

Batu and Besar mourned for death, for Rua, and for their son. They gathered the six fragments of his spirit, and agreed to hold them safe in case 'Nomos' ever recovered, with Batu taking Earth, Fire and Lightning while Besar took Water, Ice and Wind. Seeing the damage that raw power such as theirs could wreak if left unchecked, they retreated into the core of the earth and the depths of the sea. There they wait, alive but asleep, for the end of the world when their son will return to them.