5) Inside the Bus
     Removing all the seats gave us a great sense of accomplishment, however there was no time to celebrate, as there was much more work to be done. Having done quite a bit of research on similar projects, we had made up our minds that the old insulation and floors definitely needed to go. So we spent the next week or so getting the bus properly gutted. We are sure glad we did so, because under the floor was a significant amount of rust that needed to be treated. After removing all ceiling and wall panels, as well as the old insulation, we got to work treating the floor rust with a grinder and metal brush wheel. Pleased with our treated floors, we did a final sweep of any leftover debris and brought in the water to scrub and get the floors ready for the rustoleum paint. This would help to inhibit any future rust growth. Once we scrubbed the floors clean and gave them plenty time to dry, we got to work on painting the floor. We laid 2 coats, allowing the fist coat to thoroughly dry of course. We covered the entire floor, including the wheel wells and the small bit of wall you see in the photos. With the inside gutted and floors treated and prepped we were ready to move on!