2 Languages 1 Game
While I've mostly been taking a break today and watching Twitch streams, I had been doing a little bit of casual coding to clean up the handshaking between my server and client.

The server and client are written in two different languages, which leads to interesting challenges when I'm switching between the IDEs. If I get distracted, I may, for a brief moment, forget what language I'm writing in and be like, "Doh!"


The server is written in C, with a little bit of C++ sprinkled on top. My classes are very, very basic using only constructors, destructors, and some overloading functions. Outside of that, it's procedure coding. I'm an old school coder; which means my primary and preferred languages are C and Pascal. Some people don't like C because they don't like dealing with pointers or having to allocate their own memory, but I actually enjoy doing these things. Also, being almost strictly C means there's very little overhead when compiling to native... that makes my server code about as fast as it can possibly be without dropping to Assembly or machine code.


The client is written in an engine called AppGameKit. This engine is a coding engine that offers two levels, Tier 1 BASIC and Tier 2 C++. Tier 1 sits on top of a C++ engine, so even when using Tier 1, AppGameKit is lightning fast.  The benefit of using AppGameKit will mean I can export the client to PC, iOS, Android, and HTML5. 

I want the client to be as accessible to as many platforms as possible and AppGameKit is the perfect engine for the job.