2 Milestones reached!
Hey everyone, 

Just want to thank all my contributors so far. We are small but mighty! And for such a niche series that's more than I could ask for. Thanks to you guys I've reached two milestone goals and I'm already working on them! Here is where your money is going!

Milestone 1 : Track down the Paw Paw fruit.

Well, this Friday I will be renting a car and driving out to the Ohio Pawpaw festival where I will try what is likely the most requested fruit on my channel. I also will be filming parts of my adventure there, reviewing the festival itself and trying other pawpaw related items when I get there. 

Milestone 2: Even harder to find fruit

I now have enough of a monthly budget to go out and track down rarer and more expensive fruit. In a couple weeks I will be in Iowa where another requested fruit is often sold in stores, the hedge apple. Not such an interesting one to taste, but the seeds are supposed to be pretty decent. It also has a lot of cultural significance as this is a fruit that dates back to the stone age.

Thanks to all my contributors, and if you haven't contributed yet, take a look at the available rewards and milestone goals. There are a lot of great places this series can go!


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