2 Minute Preview of "Twilight To The Future" coming soon!
It's been an amazing adventure developing Twilight To The Future. I've never had this much fun producing such a film before and I enjoy every single moment of it...well most of it. :P I will be releasing a 2 minute preview of the actual film from Twilight To The Future, but there's one thing I don't have thats stopping me from releasing it. Voice Actors and Actresses. Literally the funny thing is I have the animation all complete for the preview, but what's missing from it is VA's! While I'll be taking care of finding VA's for the main characters, you can help me by sharing my Twilight To The Future content with your friends and family! Be sure to remind them to either comment, like, or subscribe! I am also looking for 'extras' for the film, so if you would like more info, send me an email at [email protected]! There will be a deadline for this as soon as I get VA's for the main characters. That is all it for today guys! I'll see you all in the future! ^_^