2 More Units - Wards
Wards are special Units that cannot move and are instantly destroyed when there are no non-Ward Unit on the team. They boast Status Immunity and can not be Critical / Flank attacked though Hammer Knights do extraDamage to them . Remember, Tab button brings up unit info!

Sealing Ward
Each Move 'Seals' a particular type of move (Normal, Movement,Ability,Passive) and Damages Any Unit that uses that type within a 5x5 radius. The Sealing Ward will change colors to inform you of the type banned. To remove a ban, simply tap the same attack twice with the Sealing Ward. The key to type combinations are as follows:
Shift = Ban Movement
' /  ' = Ban Normals
' > ' = Ban Abilities
' < ' = Ban Passives

Elemental Ward
Absorbs Status and Explodes 3x3 for High Damage when a Unit approaches.