2 New New Mexico Paintings!
New New Mexico... ha ha, couldn't resist.

These are the latest 2 new paintings, watercolor, same style and size as the first one.

I've got a few more photos to try out. I'm shooting for 5 paintings minimum to make it a series - and maybe more as I'm really enjoying doing them.

The High Desert Trail is made up of 3 "mesas" and a stem trail section. The one of the left is from the stem section and the right is from the 3rd mesa, which has a lot more rock formations.

The first painting was from the 2nd mesa, which has nice views of the surrounding high desert geography and enough tree cover to make it pleasant and cool to hike. We go really early in the morning so the dogs can get their running bliss in before the sun gets too hot.

We plan on hiking that 3rd mesa again soon so I can take more pictures! Lucky you! :)

I've been ordering extra postcards when along with the patron reward cards so I can place them in a local coffee shop. I'll have them as separate cards and maybe a couple set of the collection with a slight discount. I'll see what works best.

Also, lots has been done on the AVZ program... updates soon.