2 new shirts
Did you know I have a Society 6 store?

It's true, I do. 

Follow this link for the discount! 

I made 2 new shirts availabe there today: 1 is a mandala design I made specifically for m dear friend Nash who likes creepy things, especially if they have between 7 and 9 limbs... the other is a clean variation of the rat from the iPhone case from last year, which was the only thing in my Society 6 shop between then and yesterday ;)

A site like Society 6 is a good resource for me to make print-on-demand merch available... I can put up as many as I can, and don't have to put out the large chunck of change for minimum production orders from a screen printer... plus they handle all of the shipping and such. The prices are very reasonable, and if you compare their quality to, say cafepress, the quality is much higher (the screen prints on demand are far far better at S6) and prices are actually lower. 

PLUS they are constantly having specials, like this one. 

Look for more there in the very near future :)