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2 Part Wrestlemania Nightmare
Every year I do a long vlog on the wrestlemania festivities and every year I deeply regret it, this year was perhaps the most DEADLY of all because.. well... you'll see. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Stuff I didn't get to: 

The Bray Wyatt Randy Orton match was lame and badly executed, shit match, especially disapointing considering the build up was great. Finish was Randy going over bray which was the right finish just at the wrong time, the story of randy infiltrating and dismantling the wyatts only makes sense if he wins, but bray losing at wrestlemania of all places just makes him look like a chump. im sure bray will get his win back at the next ppv but the damage is done. Every time he loses at mania it gets harder to take him seriously, at this point he's a fucking loser, basically just spooky dolph ziggler. 

The Women's clusterfuck match was a botchfest but the right person won. It's not so much that naomi deserves it as it is her story of finally getting the championship only to get injured, relinquish it, and come back just in the nick of time to win it back at mania is a good story and im glad it had the right ending. Sometimes in wrestling you're just happy to see something make sense. 

Taker Vs. Reigns was exactly what everyone thought it would be. Taker looked fucking DONE. People were sad to see him go but there's no question it's time. He just clearly has nothing left in the tank physically. Reigns winning was a foregone conclusion, but my problem with it is that the Reigns character is as one dimensional and boring as ever and the story leading up to this match was pure dog shit. The could have built up a story of the Undertaker realizing his time is coming to an end and vowing to go out fighting against an arrogant but worthy oppoenent in Reigns. That would have had some emotion and depth to it, but no. Instead the entire feud was over a catchphrase that taker used 15 years ago when he was a biker that one time. "This is my yard now". Get fucked. 

They could have built this up as Taker's last match and it not only would have seemed important, but Taker's tired sluggishness would have made sense given the story. But instead it was built up as just another wank fest for the human boredom factory that is roman reigns and takers retirement, while poignant, just came off like a sad shit stain at the end of a wet fart. 

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