2 Very Clever Ways to Promote Your Project
These two clever ideas for reaching more people who will support your project can be applied to any project or product or personal services - one is joint venturing and one is getting referrals.

Among many common marketing strategies these two work the best because they require the very thing that will get you the best results for any promotional strategy - making a personal connection.

In the beginning, it's always that friend-to-friend interaction that starts to build an audience. It's the snowball down the hill strategy: you have to make a good snowball (your project), position yourself on the hill (use social media) and use a little energy to get it started (start connecting).

At some point you hope the momentum takes over.

Over the centuries-long history of sales and marketing, the top method for getting results is to start by making individual connections. Call it eyeball-to-eyeball, face-to-face, belly-to-belly, on-on-one, a meeting of the minds, a conspiracy - making the best personal connection possible.

Making that connection in the virtual world in which we find ourselves, and trying to carve out an audience from the social networks, is going to be difficult without first creating that audience interest.

Patreon Clever Idea #1 - Find the Invite Creators tab

For Patreon creators, as you login, you'll notice a feature in the top right dropdown menu: Invite Creators!

Open that page to read how it works:

Invite a creator using the message form or referral link (which you will find below). After they launch, they'll have 30 days to get as many patrons as possible. After 30 days, you both earn a reward based on how many patrons they have. Here's how much you can earn:

Number of patrons

Your bonus

Their bonus...





Be sure to...

Read the Referral Program Terms for more details.

To invite other artists you find all around the web you will have to make it a personal one-to-one message and really social connect (to be seen by all their followers!). This is a great way to offer them something - it's free to create a Patreon page and this project funding opportunity may be one they have never even heard about.

Extra point: Any time you connect with other entrepreneurs, be sure to find ways to connect with their followers. They can be a ready-made willing audience to find an interest in your own project. Find their social networks and keep liking, re-sharing, (@) mentioning, retweeting and commenting about how you found an interest in your new friend. Many of their followers will visit your project just to find out more about you.

3RingSocial Top Tip: Don't mention how great your stuff is - EVER, just keep mentioning how much you like their stuff! And be consistent - one time efforts do not produce results. Add it to your routine - don't ever think no one is seeing your posts - people are noticing. In time you will get response.

Patreon Clever Idea #2

Here's an idea I've seen people using and I'm using too. Find other Patreon creators who are just starting their page and probably finding it hard to give it some momentum. They need to show more follower interest.

Here's the message I'm using that will explain it. Rewrite it and give the idea your own personal twist:

Hey (their name),

Welcome to Patreon! CapnMatt here...

we're all trying to get more people to pledge to our Patreon page. You may find it's waaaay harder to get patrons and pledges than one might think. Would you like to join me in this strategy?

I am paying it forward to help other people with the same challenge, in turn helping me by doing a $1 pledge for a $1 pledge back. Essentially if you were to pledge me $1 our pledges would cancel out and we both benefit from an extra Patron.

I've already pledged you $1 so let me know if you don't want to do this so I can cancel my pledge. No worries if you don't want to just an idea to help grow both our pages.

Enjoying your page anyway, keep it up!

My rewrite was inspired by Patreon creator Adam Krowitz - search the name and see what he does!