2 Week Delay due to Equipment Failure
Hi folks, my 8 year old computer is dead.  I think it is only the power supply; however, it is time to get something new.

I figure it will take me two weeks to research a new computer.  Order it, configure it and recover the data from the old. (i'm borrowing a friends computer). 

I'm hoping Sept 26 will be the next release.

Here is whats been happening.  

Possible missing term of magnetism: Modeling the Rail gun designs with Fizzix results in too little back emf which either means their is a flaw in the computer models or New Electromagnetism is missing a term.  To explore this, am resurecting the Paradox 1 and the Paradox 2 experiments which were the flagship experiments NE.  This time they will be rebuilt using arduino motor controllers and Neodynium magnetics so that we can take precision measurements to see of all the terms of NE are accounted for.

Rules of Aquision 4.0.  The 4.0 release of ROA is nearing completion which will result in a pdf document release.   I think this will be the final version for a long time since it is good enough AND i need to assign the time to Ethereal mechanics.  

Finally, because I'm entering a heavy work period (got to keep the number 1 patron happy) I have to put in alot of extra hours until november.

Thanks for you patience and patronage 

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