20 Person Goal
I've finally added another goal for myself, and it's that canvas.  I traded some prints of the next four images to a colleague from my time at Alfred University.  After our senior show in 2002, Gabby had this canvas left over and didn't want it anymore, so I gave her my first ever digital paintings.  Never made additional prints of them, so I hope she still has them, where ever she might be!

I went and picked up gesso today at ArtMart in St. Louis because over this past week I gained 3 more people (hi guys! :D).  I need to restretch the canvas, it's a bit wobbly and not drum tight.  My plan is to try and do progress shots of this from start to finish... starting with that picture above.  It's 3x5feet.

Here's my four pictures I traded it for:

Old art is weird...

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