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20. Sailboat Story - Bucket Bathing & Carnivorous Ponies
Morning breaks, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief... we've survived the night-long onslaught of a billion unidentifiable, nocturnal flying insects.

After counting her lucky stars, Tambi dons her skimpiest bikini and submerges her head in a bucket of lukewarm water in an attempt to cleanse her fabulously dirty hair. Oh, the subtle joys of boat living!

Later on, we stretch our legs as we explore a seldom-visited island whose only inhabitants are a carnivorous herd of man-eating ponies. Yes, you read it right - these bloodthirsty pintos have acquired an insatiable taste for human flesh. Naturally, we tread lightly during this foolhardy excursion as we tread deeper into the heart of Carrot Island.

So sit back and behold our captured footage from areas along the ICW such as Bucks Island, Beaufort NC, and Mile Hammock.

Thanks for watching!!

Ben, Tambi, and Molly
"Sailboat Story"

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