20-somethings Beau
Beau has always lived something of a double-life that everyone was a little aware of. Around home and family friends, like Alette's family, he was generally proper and gentlemanly, if gruff and straightforward. However, he would take trips of varying lengths - from a couple days to a couple of years - where he would basically go slumming and party, fight, get in trouble, and make disreputable friends. People in his home life knew that he'd go out for a while and cause mischief (partly because Beau would tell them some vagaries and partly because they had to bail him out of jail a few times), and his outside life friends knew he was a wealthy heir, but Beau was always careful to not let his two lives mix. He needed the craziness of his outside life, it made him feel complete and stimulated and challenged, but home was a safe and loving and supportive place that he couldn't just leave behind.

Also he ended up looking weirdly similar to Brock Sampson.

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