20 Things and a Pit



This week, we've got two new 20 Things resource for you as well as a new encounter area in Gloamhold! I hope you enjoy the articles and find a way to weave them into your campaign. Don't forget you can check out all our free resources at a Free Resources page. See you all on Friday, for Places of Power: The Midnight Market and Treasures & Trinkets: Gemstones and Art Objects (5e).

20 Things to Find in a Discarded Backpack

Every adventurer carries a backpack. Sometimes adventurers lose their packs—either they dump them to increase their mobility—during battle or retreat—or the packs are torn from their limp, bloody corpses. Read the full article.

10 Natural Cavern Hazards

Caverns can be dangerous places. As well as the ever-present threat of ambush from the various fell denizens dwelling within, the very caverns themselves can be dangerous to unwary travellers and explorers. Read the full article.

Why 20 Things?

Also, over on my blog, I talk a little bit about what I started writing the 20 Things articles. The article doesn't contain any earth-shattering revelations, but I hope it might encourage you to start using the articles in your own campaign. Read the full article.

Gloamhold: Varma's Pit

Named for the adventurer credited with discovering this gigantic sinkhole cutting through the Mottled Spire living rock, Varma’s Pit is nothing more than a huge hole piercing the rock above the Twilight City’s crumbling, shadowed precincts. Hidden among a great stand of stunted, wind-blasted thorn bushes and dwarf trees, it is hard to find. To make matters worse, its walls and ledges are inherently unstable and crumble if unduly disturbed. If that wasn’t enough to deter explorers, centuries of bat guano deposits make climbing here all but suicidal. Read the full article.