20 - Velen's Chosen: KRUPS and Talking Burnout

Greetings, Visionaries! On today’s Chosen topic we’re going to discuss Burnout in Hearthstone with special guest KRUPS! KRUPS is a 12x (or more) Legend player priding himself on deckbuilding and a Hearthpwn employee in charge of featuring new decks! We also happened to do our FIRST EVER LIVE SHOW! GAHHH HYPE!

So pumped to have worked so hard and have a guest for our first ever LIVE SHOW. We'll be working to change some of the patreon goals moving forward so that patrons get better "stuff" for supporting us!

Here's a link to the VOD: http://www.twitch.tv/notrobmay/v/35582846

And our Website for the show notes: http://velenschosen.posthaven.com/20-vc-krups-and-talking-burnout