Wow. I made 200 of those cards. o__o
Since I really wanted to have a set of three ACEOs for my manga bundle, I added a fluffy beach card.  I'd like to turn it into a series, since there are a couple of scenes with the other characters at the beach that I'd like to draw. |D (But there's still the the unfinished sleepover series, Anni, stawp.)
I always imagine that Seven's saying something like "Wow!! Brighter than the real sun!" here. (The working title was "Personal Sun", hue hue 8DD)

This ACEO is part of a set you can get prints of if you pre-order my 707/MC comic "The Radiant Milky Way"
Other bonus stuff: acrylic charms, stickers, a nsfw print (hehe), a free postcard and a free sketch(!)~

Made with: Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type B), Deleter Neopiko-Line-3 (sepia), Copic Ciao/Sketch, Sakura Gelly Roll 

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