$200+ already! And what's a Sau?
I logged in just now, to see that I'm almost halfway to my first goal. This is a terrific first day, considering very little advertisement and me being sick and mostly offline. So thank you very much, for your patronage and also for sharing about this opportunity. 

I'm also seeing that there is a great interest in the Sau course tier. For those who are wondering what that's about, here's a summary of some lessons that will be made available to people who are patrons at the Sau ($25 monthly) level:

0. Introduction to the Sau method I teach

The Seba Sau: Five kinds of Sau magic, in overview

1. Rekh - Magical “Knowledge”

2. Akhu - Ancestor Magic

3. Bau - Spirit Magic

4. Suwenu - Magical Medicine

5. Hekau - Magical Tools

Seba I: Rekh

6. Divination

7. Oracles and Dreams

8. “Shamanism” (Unseen World interaction)

9. Protection and Blessing Work

Seba II: Akhu

10. Bodies and Spirits of the Akhu

11. Gaining Akhu “Helpers”

12. “Necromancy” and the Tekenu

13. Exorcism

Seba III: Bau

14. Bodies and Spirits of Bau/Netjeri

15. Gaining Spirit “Helpers”

16. World(s) of the Bau

17. Bau Guardians

Seba IV: Suwenu

18. Sekhem and the Medical Method

19. Herbs and Medicines

20. Setem: death, grief, and healing

21. Fertility Magic

Seba V: Hekau

22. Amulets

23. Talismans

24. Spoken and Written Hekau

25. Magical Tools and Props

Thank you again for your patronage. Everything will really ramp up after June 1, so there's still time to get in on the ground floor here.