The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 117

Commander vs. The Platinum Priestess! FIGHT! Y’ALL DID IT! In just ten weeks, y’all got us to $7,000/month here at the Patreon Page! That means I can now officially say I’m making my living telling stories that feature gay heroes. AND THAT’S AMAZING! Thank you so, so much! At $7,000/month, I can pay for all the regular comic page art and web hosting that goes into The Young Protectors, and also cover groceries, rent, health insurance and the other basics of being a grown-up living in the Bay Area. I still have a big hole in my savings and a whole lotta debt to pay off from all the time I’ve taken off from the day job to work on the comic over the last 12 months, so I’m still going to keep putting in a lot of work to make being a Patron something awesome for both current and new members. There will be more Milestone Goals, more sexy art, and more cool short stories. But for today, I’m just going to feel totally awesome that this is how I make my living now. Something I thought might never be possible. And you all made it happen in record time. You are all SUPER-HEROES! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) I’ll have more cool rewards to announce soon, but I did want to let you know there was still time to pledge to get the high-res JPEGs of the Full Monty Annihilator art. As I said last time, I’m going to be sending out high-res JPEGs of BOTH Full Monty The Annihilator Pin-ups to Patrons pledging $10/month or more. Just another way to say “thank you” for the extraordinary support. :) These files have double the resolution of the mobile wallpaper links I already posted for Patrons so you’ll really be able to appreciate the loving detail that Rum-Locker put into every part of this work. In addition to that, because these files don’t have to be iPhone size, you’ll get the full view of the background Rum-Locker created, with nothing cropped out! Patreon charges cards/PayPal at the end of the month. These high-res, NSFW downloads of Full Monty Annihilator will just be available for Patrons who successfully supported this Patreon at the $10 level or above for the month of March—they won’t be offered next month, no matter what—so please make sure your pledge and payment method are all squared away right now if this sounds like something you’d want. I really don’t want any of you to miss out! So! The dampener is a-humming. Tsunami is raising the biggest wave ever. Commander’s got a knife and her charge on. And The Platinum Priestess looks ready for anything. How is this all going to shake out? Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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