Three design diaries, hover-car, hover-bike and hover-tank, explore my new propulsion, power and materials work to bring Vehicles into 4e.
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Thank you! Your support proves that material is worth something.You'll have access to my patron-only feed.
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I always work well ahead on my material.  At this tier, you'll get access to all of my material early, often months early!
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I want to hear from you, but especially you. In addition to the previous rewards, if I have polls regarding the Psi-Wars setting or response requests, this tier will either be the only tier with access to that, or you'll be favored over the rest.
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I regularly playtest and as my material reaches completion, I'll need a group to actually try out my material.  If you're on this tier, in addition to previous rewards, you'll have first crack at any game I offer to my patrons.
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An Adept is identical to a Disciple: you get the same access to Previews, Polls and preferential access to Playtests; Disciples just have an early-bird discount on Adept access.
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The Secret Council helps shape the direction of this Patreon and my blog.  They will have a chance to voice their preferences for patreon specials and for artwork that I commission.  Otherwise, they have access to all lower tier rewards as well.
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