TeknoParrot 1.60a Patreon Released with Mario Kart DX Online!
Changes in TeknoParrot 1.60a Patreon Release:

- More Nesica titles now playable:

* Blaz Blue Central Friction Supported.

* Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma

* Magical Beat Supported.

* Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Supported.

* Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Supported.

* Ultra Street Fighter IV Supported.

- Pokken Tournament Banapass Emulated, no functionality yet.

- Wangan Midnight 5 Banapass Emulated, no functionality yet.

- Mario Kart DX 1.00-1.10 Support.

* Network Play. TP Online coming soon.

* Banapass emulated, press F2 to insert card.

* ALL.NET and Online cloud emulated.

* Resolution selection (this breaks entire game, suggested not to use until better patch comes)

* Full save support including multiplayer stats:

1. Register+Login to https://teknoparrot.com

2. Generate your own MKDX PlayerId via https://teknoparrot.com/mkdx

3. Add PlayerId to Game Settings in TeknoParrotUI.

4. Play with full saves!


* Mario Kart DX Must be run as admin since emulation of Namco amAuth COM interface does not work otherwise. (You cannot get online)

* As gateway put your local area networks own gateway. (For example

* Get PlayerId from https://teknoparrot.com/mkdx (after registration)

* Leave ServerAddress and ServerPort as is unless other servers come around.

* AmAuthPort leave it unchanged unless you have to use only certain port on your local machine for amAuth emulation.

* Full player statistics pages coming soon!

Thanks Peter Katt for the card dump.

100% more innovation than other es3 emulators.

Support the innovators, not the imitators!

Download: https://teknoparrot.com register and link your patreon account.

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