Recording Next Week!
Hello Friends,

This is a pic of a little home studio recording. But next week I go into a local studio to do some serious pre-production and hopefully basics for the next record!! I say hopefully, because I seem to always end up going back in and changing things around. And, there always seems to be a song that sneaks in at the last minute too. So, I think of next week as the real start to this next project. 

My dear friend Steve is letting me borrow his super fancy mic (I've used it on the past 3 studio records)! I have it in my hands and I'm doing last minute editing and prep work this weekend to get ready. 

I LOVE singing into this mic and I can't wait to hear it again with these new songs. I love the studio! It's magic!!

Next week keep a lookout for some "inside the studio/ behind the scenes" videos I'll make for you so you can see what I mean. :) The process of recording is such an adventure. Thank you for helping me on this creative journey. I hope you enjoy the fun like I do!! 

much peace love and music always,