More Compat, more Bugfixes, and lots of rambling
But I will put the rambling after the Changelog Portion, so here goes the Changes:

Biomes o'Plenty got a bunch of new and improved Recipes for Compatibility, like sifting its Types of Dirt or using its Plants for Biomass.

Immersive Engineering Machines now directly accept RF from GT6 Electric Wires up to HV (but not the other way around!). So now you dont need those strange Cables to power IE Stuff.

GalaxySpace Devs decided there is too many nice Items in their Mod and removed like half of them along with some Planets (I want the Glowstone Types back!). I needed to change a lot of Code related to Compat with this Stuff, but I still support the older Variant of the Compat, so if you refuse to update GalaxySpace from that point onwards, you're still fine. ;)

Bluepower Wafers can now be done with the Redstone Alloy Boules too. There is also Teslatine Alloy for the Blue Wafers. This Process is cheaper than doping the Wafers in a BP Alloy Furnace.

Botanias Manasteel can now be made with Wrought Iron, Steel, and all similar Iron/Steel alikes. Using Steel is cheaper on the Mana btw.

Skyblock Worlds (like Botanias Garden of Glass Setting) now no longer have a layer of Small Rocks at Y = 1, and the Spawn Area Protection from Mob Spawns is disabled for the Spawn Area to not prevent Skyblock Mob Farms close to the Spawnpoint.

I fixed the Behavior of Redstone Torches on Wires, so you dont waste durability with the wirecutter on them anymore (nothing serious, just something that was badly coded before).

So now get the Download Page Link for Convenience here before I start rambling off into the distance, and thank you all for your Support. ;3

Rambling Start:

This is most easily the worst first half of Summer I have ever had!
First I find out that I am allergic against an asthma inhaler I took for 5 weeks and might have done permanent damage to my lungs (unless the next one fixes that).
Then the whole EU thing happened, but I wont elaborate on that now.
THEN I had a week where my Brain forgot to tell my Lungs how to breathe properly while sleeping.
THENN my Parents went on vacation and I needed to take care of the Cat (the Cat herself is fine with me, but having to take care of something living always annoys the crap out of me, no matter how much I like her, I just cant stand being interrupted).
THEENN I went to a Set of Garbage Containers that are in town every 2 weeks to dispose of minor electric Garbage (a few old Mice, an old Modem, my old electric razor, two old school projects involving electrics, lightweight stuff overall), and my Asthma definitely gave me serious problems walking the way back home. And the whole trip was just a few hundred meters...
AND THEN ONTOP OF ALL OF THAT my Mom stumbled/fell and broke her right upper Arm during her vacation, resulting in even more stupid shit for me to think about for two days. At least they told me she is fine.
Also I visited her today at the hospital, and she is pretty much fine apart from the Arm Issue, and yes she is Righthanded, so thats even more annoying, especially since we only have Righthanded Toilets in the House (aka Toilets that are very very close to the Wall on their Left, so you couldn't even properly reach behind you with your left arm if you wanted).

Well at least some good things were/are happening aswell.

The Forums are still being worked on, even if the last week absolutely no progress has been made due to it being a very busy IRL week for overminddl1. So nothing to show off, but at least I noted a lot of things I am going to pester him with. ;)

And while we were packing for my Moms Hospital visit, we found her old Work Laptop (that I searched for all over her old office and never found), which was hidden inside her wardrobe. I took it, asked for the password, she didnt know it, and so I decided to just guess the password, because she is not good at passwords. But I guessed wrong too many times and Windows XP locked itself.

It was a Work Laptop from the Company she worked for ages ago, a Lenovo-T61-Thinkpad with an Intel Centrino Dualcore CPU to be precise, containing the worst line of CPU that Intel has ever manufactured in history, violating OpenGL interfacing massively. It's also the Cardbus+Memorystick Slot Variant of it, so no Expresscards I could add without adapter.

P.S. I am not going to use that Laptop for myself, I try to make it useable for her.

And since it was from a Company, there was plenty of Security Features used by them, so I wasn't able to change anything BIOS related to just bypass stuff. Everything nice and safe from people who dont wanna touch the physical BIOS on the Motherboard or the Hard Drive itself, with one exception! I was able to see the Boot Order in the Boot Menu, and while I was not able to change it, I was able to see that the frikkin DVD Drive of the Laptop was Priority #1 on the Boot List, even before the Hard Drive. That is a big fat backdoor they made there, especially since they disabled boot from USB.

So I made the (in hindsight suboptimal) decision to take that one ubuntu DVD I burned a few years ago and install it on the Laptop. I should have just made a new DVD for that with an updated Version and kubuntu instead, but eh, gonna do that with my next Computer, and probably via USB anyways.

I installed ubuntu, I updated ubuntu, I updated ubuntu AGAIN, then overminddl1 pointed out there is an even newer version and I updated AGAIN. And after all of that I installed Java 8 and tried out the latest snapshot of Minecraft, which surprisingly works just fine.

I also dropped a bunch of her Files into the encrypted home directory, great feature of pretty much all Linux Systems, though not all that necessary in this case.

Then I got told that installing kubuntu ontop of ubuntu is easy and that both can be installed at the same time, and be switched back and forth from, so I went ahead and installed the kubuntu desktop.

This worked for a few minutes until the "Non OpenGL compliant CPU" started to strike and everything but the open Windows flickered black all the time. Luckily that was fixable by setting the Compositor to use XRender instead of OpenGL.

I went through every single setting that I could find afterwards and configured the System for Hours, to make sure everything looks like it should with Desktop Backgrounds and stuff.

After this Patreon Post I am gonna try to use the old Huawei K5005 Dongle, that I have from my previous Internet Connection, as a Wifi Receiver, because the Laptop doesn't have Wifi built in, and I cant just run an Ethernet Cable through the Floor into the Living Room.

I might also check if tethering Internet from their smartphone will work, if this doesn't end in a Solution.

And yeah setting up the Kubuntu Laptop did take quite a bit of time, but its a great OS so far. Definitely better than Windows. Friends who know Linux Systems are also very helpful during setup if you have such. ;)

So yeah, way too much stuff going on for my taste, I hope things become calmer again soon. And again another thank you for your Support. ^^

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