LDM Prerelease Chapters - ???
I really, really wish I had more time to write this, but I have to have had the chapters down as of nearly 13 hours ago. JNC is forcing me to remove the LDM prerelease chapters from my Patreon. But I don't want to screw you all over (more than my lack of releases already has... I'll figure out a way to translate more soon... I have to...).

So I've been spending the past few days brainstorming how I can manage to abide JNC's order and, well, still let you guys who've supported me so much the past year read ahead.

Message me either on Discord, through Email (info found on here on my site), or here on Patreon and I'll send each of you a password matching whatever Patron tier you have here on Patreon. The password will be usable to read the same tiered prereleases from here on out, even if you stop being a Patron.

I believe it's likely that a majority of you all will unsubscribe after only remaining subscribed to not have to wait some weeks to see a 'new' chapter. For making you all feel that, I'm incredibly sorry. I wish I could do something about it and make it up to everyone as soon as possible, but I am just too strapped for time right now to go on a translation binge. Immediately following my "I'm going to try releasing a chapter a day" announcement a bit ago, well, my already strained free time became zero. As a too long didn't read, I had a bit over a week to learn something I knew nothing about. (Qt for Python framework for my internship for those interested in what)

For those who stay, I'll see what I can do about making you feel as though staying was worth it once I can stabilize in this internship. 

I'll accept anything that anyone feels needs to be said about me, but please believe me when I say that I thoroughly understand how poorly I've met my goals and promises the past year.  I've already beat the dead horse that is myself.

In the end, no matter what any of you choose, know that I'm incredibly thankful for all of your support.  I hope to still be able to chat with you about LDM and my various other translations even after this.

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