2010 BMW M6 (Exclusive)


Second exclusive car is this beautiful BMW E63!



[General info

Model: Forza Motorsport 7

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Interior and Calipers
Color 4: Rims

(2,02MB) m6e63.yft
(14,60MB) m6e63.ytd
(6,54MB) m6e63_hi.yft 

LOD0 247.529 polygons / 191.419 vertices
LOD1 39.135 polygons / 38.491 vertices
LOD2 17.338 polygons / 18.244 vertices
LOD3 8.740 polygons / 9.457 vertices
LOD4 1.340 polygons / 1.814 vertices   


LODs (5)
HQ Exterior
HQ Interior
HQ Enginebay, trunk and doorsills
Real life light setup
Dirt mapping
Livery support (template included)
Breakable glass and lights


Dark grill
Dark grill w/ BMW colors
Front splitter
Carbon front splitter
Painted front splitter
Race wing


Add-on spawn: m6e63
Replace: zion

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