2012 "Success Is Not An Option" Tour Stop: Full Show
Hey, you got three hours to kill?

What seems like a million years ago now, I would book myself in small theaters in any city I thought people would come see my first one-man show, "Success Is Not An Option". I'm exceptionally proud of the achievement; the one-off bookings became a funded Kickstarter campaign, the basis of my first CD, and a chance to travel around the country and meet the people who were jamming me in their ears every week.

I wanted the show to be a lot of things, mainly thoughtful, emotional, and gutpunch funny. I also wanted to make sure the show was not some things: boring and scripted. See, I'm not an actor; coming out and launching into a narrative has always been antithetical to what I do ... so each city found me doing almost an hour of standup BEFORE the two-hour one-man. Remember when I said I wanted the show to be a lot of things? I forgot to list "scoliosis inducing" among them; not a lot of comfortable seating in the theaters I could afford to book.

This particular tour stop was the Venture Theater in De Pere, Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay. A listener named Mike Yoder offered the space, which was a welcome respite from the endless phone tag I played with other venues. By the way, the theater is no longer the Venture, but is now The Green Room Lounge ... y'know, just in case you wanted to go visit the space for posterity. Honestly, I'm betting the name change also included tearing down the plaque commemorating my appearance, so it isn't really worth the trip.

I've been off the road for far too long; the last out of L.A. show I did was Pittsburgh in the summer of 2015, which is a ridiculous amount of time to be away from performing. I'm planning on ramping up the schedule quite a bit in 2018 ... and if watching this makes you want me to come to your town, hit me up in the comments and tell me where to go; I promise I'll do everything I can to get there. Not sure the shows will be three hours long again ... although I understand they've done wonderful things with chair technology since De Pere. 

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