Thurs class! Tea & Centered movement study: Wellbeing Series
Just the movement of tea can help us create a grounded, centered point in chaotic moments. In this Wellbeing Series class, we'll explore both the symbolic and metaphoric ways that tea traditions incorporate centered, circular movements into their practice, as well as the psychosensory ways these can affect us positively and how you can bring this into your daily life.

Thursday, July 19, 7pm CST

If you'd like to brew along, here are some suggested items for this class:

  • Thermos of hot water or an electric kettle. Does not need to be too hot - 165F/74C or a little hotter is plenty hot in the summer for this exercise.
  • Loose leaf green tea of your choice, portioned out in a small tray or cup
  • Tea drinking bowl - something smaller than a matcha bowl. Could be a rounded mug that you enjoy. Should be about 10oz/300ml, with some room.
  • Empty bowl to place discarded water or tea as we brew

Also be sure you're in a comfortable, quiet place where you can be undisturbed for the hour. Sitting on the floor on a cushion is great, but chairs or sofa is also good. We'll be drinking a few cups of tea, so make sure you have enough water.