Introducing: Celestial Follies Tarot
I'm officially back to work on my tarot deck! AND I finally settled on a name for the deck. "Celestial Follies" -- Such a pretty word pairing. Once I thought of it... that was it. I knew it was the name I wanted to move forward with. 

I'm also going to be doubling down on my celestial, starry, otherworldly imagery. 

The Major Arcana illustrations I previously completed will be retired. Consider that a stand-alone illustration series. Many of my favorites (such as The Star & The High Priestess!) will still be in the deck much like they are now. But I'm now thinking of that project as me dipping my toes into illustrating a tarot deck to see if it felt like the right move. (It does!!) It also really pushed me to further develop my artistic style. The project gave me the tools I needed to take this tarot deck project to the next level. Since my previous illustrations were part of a one-a-day project, some of them are messy and rushed. I want to revisit each of the illustrations and make sure that each one is my best work. (I'm a Virgo, what can I say?) 

I also want to make some changes to the Major Arcana series. I've decided to take the Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired "Justice" card out of the deck and replace it with something more timeless and ethereal. Having a politically charged real-life figure featured in the deck grounds it too much in 1. the USA and 2. a tumultuous political climate. I want my art to be a blank slate for intuitive associations without anything grounded in reality. Having this card in a fully published deck just didn't feel like a cohesive move. 

That said, the RBG Justice tarot card is one of my favorite illustration pieces I've ever completed. So I will be releasing some more products with that illustration as a stand-alone work. (Hello, tee shirts?) I also have some other fan-art-esque ideas for some other one-off tarot pieces. 

I've started a separate Instagram to document & share my progress on the deck (which I'll be doing here and on my other social media accounts as well). If you'd like to follow closely with this project, @celestialfolliestarot is going to be my little headquarters for sneak peeks and updates. 

I'm aiming for an early 2019 release date, but it's way too soon to tell. Once I have a better idea of what a realistic work flow will look like, I should be able to give a more accurate estimate. 

I'll leave you with a little inspiration collage of my Queen of Wands - which is my first officially completed card in the deck. 1 down, 77 to go.