Double Milestones: 150 patrons and $400. Gratitude is in order!
Ladies. Gentlemen. Humans. It feels like just yesterday when I was flabbergasted that we'd reached 50 patrons, 100 patrons, $100 dollars, then $200 dollars. You're starting to really make me feel like the #UVG has legs and we'll get something cool and epic out of this game!

So I've been pondering how to say thanks, wows, surprise.

I thought about launching a WTF discord ... but that'd be a distraction.

I thought about revealing the tarock deck ... but that's not finished enough.

I thought about posting a teaser from update 15 (writing's done and needs just two more new pieces of art).

I thought about sharing the KS and book news ... but there's still some exciting words to be had there.

I thought about making bonus art ... but I've got the regular art to finish.

So in the end I decided to share the teaser of something that I've been working on in the background for years, but that's really starting to take shape now, particularly in response to questions about the trpg ruleset that underpins my games in the UVG.

Here is a teaser for WizardThiefFighter Skeleton — my science fantasy heavy metal non-sense joy machine.

Thank you patrons!