This video has been a long time coming because I lost all of my original footage from September - November 2015.

I had made some monthly videos, so I had September and October in that form, which is when the fancy royalty-free music comes in. I lost the original audio to most of it. I have nothing from November at all. I try not to think about it!

After I finished exporting it I got a warning that some of it might be corrupted, and given the general way things were going getting this together, the 14 second black screen at the 5:14 mark where a bit of corrupted file lives is better than I expected! Kind of like a little monument to the whole thing, 14 seconds of silence for my lost files. (Let's not talk about how I lost the originals of ALL of my photos from September - December 2015!)

Glad to have it done so I can finally work on getting caught up!

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