So in the tradition of starting the year off doing what you want to be doing the whole year, here's the first post for A Future Worth Thinking About for 2015. It's an audio meditation on time and will and emotional resonance and intention and cultivating the will to create the kind of circumstances in which we want to live. It's also an audio thanks, in which 15 of you will hear your names :) The names I'm talking about can be found on the Patrons page, here: There are some who've preferred to keep their pledges anonymous, and I'm gonna respect that. The rest of this chat is short and rambling and disjointed and maybe a little flighty and there's a lot of weird background noise like cars and store patrons, but that's okay. You've already heard me polished and edited and whatnot, right? Here's the Warts And All version, to start the year off right. I said it before, and I'll say it again now: 2014 was terrible in a lot of ways. There was pain and sickness and death and despair, and sure that happens every year, but this year seemed more relentless than most. We met some GREAT people and had some FANTASTIC experiences, but those all felt like small islands of breath and light in a tumultuous, oppressively bleak and suffocating sea. Man that was super dark. Well fuck all that noise. Today's our day to breathe. As I said elsewhere: "Today’s a free day. Do whatever you need to to get your heart and your mind right. Get some brunch, go for a walk, veg out with some Chinese food and watch Netflix. Record audio love letters to yourself and schedule them to send at random times throughout the year. Whatever. Take it. "Tomorrow we’ve got work to do. :)" Happy New Year, everybody. Let's do what it takes to make it count.