2015 UPDATE "ASK JARVIE & REVIEWS" BOOK SALES MADNESS I appreciate your patience during the 5-6 weeks of book sales which consumed my life. It went well but took sooo much out of me. NEXT Next up... tons of editing. Which means a whole lot of picture posting as well which should be entertaining. 2015 WILL CONSIST OF: 1. Editing 2. Spontaneous photo-road trips 3. Living in Airstream 4. Vlogging 5. Faith in America Book 6. New Youtube series 7. Huge Photo-Event 8. Meeting more of you Q&A VIDEOS I'd like to focus on your questions in my upcoming youtube videos. PHOTOGRAPHY MENTORSHIP PATRONS Those that are doing the mentorship should send me photography questions (every month) and I'll make a Video responding to each question. Also remember you can ask quicker questions on FB messenger at any time. And finally I want to do a photo review video so check the next update And prep 5-10 images you want reviewed
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