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2015 Year in Review

Welcome to our final issue of 2015, where we tackle the major themes, events and trends in tech, culture and diversity from this year. 

New articles: 

- Explore the past - and the future - of tech feminism

- Critique the "diversity initiatives" of tech companies, and how they failed in 2015

- Discuss de-centering whiteness and colonization in online harassment discourse and response 

- Confront the tech industry's cultural complacency to racism, and how racism manifests in its products 

- Document resistance and progress in Codes of Conduct this year, as well as what comes next 

- Analyze cyber security and where it meets privilege, access and marginalization 

Also this week, we've been shipping our final Quarterly of the year, so if you're a subscriber, you should be receiving that soon! And, we're doing the last Fund Club round of 2015, supporting People of Color in Tech! Fund Club members have officially raised over $50,000 this year for diversity in tech causes. Wow!

After this week, we'll be taking a hiatus until we ramp up again in January! Thank you SO much for supporting our publishing in 2015: we are 100% reader-funded, and we couldn't have done it without your help. We can't wait to do it all over again in 2016. See you soon! 


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