New Art Pack: FREE Crusher Enemy
Hi everyone! I'm here today with a new asset pack:

FREE Platformer Enemy: Crusher! 

This is a totally free asset pack, for anyone and everyone!

Whether you're my patron or not, you can use this asset in your game. I hope you enjoy it!

This is the first of my assets to include descriptive, fully-labeled spritesheets! It's perfect for beginners and advanced game developers alike.
(Compact, unlabeled spritesheets are also included.) 

It includes four color themes, each with 9 animations:

  • Idle (8 frames)
  • Attack down (6 frames)
  • Attack up (6 frames)
  • Attack left (6 frames)
  • Attack right (6 frames)
  • Impact down (6 frames)
  • Impact up (6 frames)
  • Impact left (6 frames)
  • Impact right (6 frames)

The download link is here: 

Thank you for your support! I'll be doing more videos soon, and I'm hard at work on some new tools, including the tool used to create the labeled spritesheet!

- Will