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2016.02.19 Rewards!

my precious patrons!

Please download reward from following posts! Manga "Shut up my master" page 25, weekly pictures, 5 pen sketches, FFXIV picture diaries and etc.

This week's special!

+ Underdrawing 'Little Luu' ep.01 3pages

+ Underdrawing photos of FFXIV picture diaries

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Sketch commission

$15- slot is available now!

Please read the commission information page.

Attention! : This commission is for only my patrons SUPPORTED OVER 1 MONTH.

I had some problems on this week. My depression was getting worse. But I feel better a little now. I'm getting myself in a little bit better condition.

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MANGA "Neko Mamma-mia!" Ep.01 Reading books

I'm sorry for the late post ><

Thank you very much for your support! I love you <3