2016-08-22 - The Ender Dragon (Minecraft)
I've been playing a lot of Minecraft lately (well, as much as "a lot" can be for a person like me) with the Twitch channel community members - and I can't believe I never played this before! It's so much fun!

Anyway, one of the members suggested that I draw the Ender Dragon from the game, and here it is! Made live on my Twitch channel:


For Patreons we've got the larger version of the image, the lines (for coloring) and the PSD file for those who wish to take the image apart.

Unfortunately, during the process I seem to have deleted the sketch... so no sketch this time! Sorry!

Also, when I was done I was challenged to draw a Creeper in the 15 minutes I had left on the clock, so I also made the "15-minute Creeper"! (There's also a larger version of the Creeper available for Patreons)

Good hunting; O