2016 and beyond!
Heya all my lovely lovely lovely supporters,

2015 was a hell of a ride. 2015 would of been a complete write off if it wasn't for your support, I would not be doing this if it wasn't for you, I would not even likely be still be in the community if it wasn't for you. Things were getting that dire.

And then just like that you all came together and lifted it me up. Got me back on my feet, dusted me off and even when I said that you didn't have to keep supporting me, you did. So many of you have pledged and kept those pledges going. And despite only being the last few months of 2015, you made this a year that will never ever ever be forgotten for as long as I shall live. This was a massive turning point.

And its all because of you.

So thank you.

Anyhoo. SO what does 2016 have in store for us?
Well there still has not been talk of a new FC2 server starting up anytime soon so I'm not entirely sure when that will happen next in that department. For that reason I have decided to start thinking along other lines for the MC content on the channel.

The Cutspack series is far from over and now that my holiday is over look forward to that going on.

However we need to talk scheduling. Something I have come to realize as I cut my teeth on this youtube career (yes career, it pays the bills afterall) is that Minecraft is actually really really hard content to make compared to other games.

That probably comes as no surprise to those of you who noticed it was only fallout content on the channel while I was away.

This is because minecraft, especially modded minecraft takes serious time in the day just to produce one episode. About an hour of content, at least, is cut out of a filming session during editing, its just the nature of the beast. More often than not its more than an hour.

On the other hand Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 by comparison very rarely have any downtime, I cut out loading screens and bits where it is literally just travel. But that is in all about 10 minutes or less per episode filmed, cut from the raw footage.

Where am I going with this?

Well I think its best that I make sure there is 2 MC related episodes a week only. This way
1. I can ensure the quality is high
2. I'm not tearing my hair out trying to get more than that done a week.
3. With less stress it is far easier to ensure that it is a guaranteed upload. Rather than the patchy every-second-day-sometimes nature you have come to expect at the moment.

I have come to see that people far prefer consistency over quantity and I agree.

so what does that mean for the other 5 days of the week. Well we have

Fallout 4 thats still on going.
Witcher 3 will make its return.

twice a week preferably for those two. So thats 6 days filled.

And then honestly I think I should make Sundays a no episode day. That doesn't mean I won't be working, it just means that Its a day I can use to catch up or create backlog if needed.

So thats 2 episodes a week of three different games. Sounds good to me :P

Back to MC though, One of those days will be back to Single player! particularly 1.8.8, thats right, we are leaving 1.7.10 behind (except for cutspack ;) )

1.8.8 is finally starting to have a decent modding community AND

AND AND AND "Steam and Steel" will be for 1.8.8 ;) yep, that'll be going into the single player series for sure, warts and all.

Speaking of Steam and Steel, before I inact all the above organization I'm going to the grind stone with the team for a bit because we would like to get SnS out to the public before the new year. So you will be able to enjoy the hard work we have done too :)

Anyhoo thank you so much for making it all the way to the end of this ramble.

I just want to say again that you are all just so amazing and I appreciate every single one of you.

You are the reason I am still here.