2016 Billboards FTW
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I took a whole bunch of video footage tonight just for you. And I will cut that together in the morning for ya. It was an amazing show and packed full of the best of the best. (shocking that I was there too, haha) There were some pretty moving moments between the tribute to Prince and Celine's Icon Award. Can't wait to share it with Patreon.

I have to often step back and count my blessing for days like this. I remember being a child and watching these award shows with so much fan appreciation.  Filled with wonder over these great musical geniuses and the celebration of their craft. Now, I have the opportunity to take part in what was once just a dream. 

Moral of this story, nothing is ever out of reach. There will be plenty of naysayers along the way trying to derail you from your goals but stick the path and drive full force into it. By will alone.