2016 February #2
I finally finished the inside cover for book 5! Usually I want to have a generic/uniform style to book art, I don't really want it to feel like 3 different people drew the cover, interior cover, and the story itself. But I made the mistake of picking colours I don't conventionally use initially and trying to make it look a bit more than just lots of uniform white/grey/peach/gold/violet etc shading, and the rest of the piece was built upon those colours, so it ended up this way ): I am still ok with it, but I know it would look a lot better if I had just done something generic and simple, like my minstrel piece. Better luck next time!

I will hopefully be returning to my 4 pieces a month schedule in March; book 5 is almost done :D Thank you for your support and patience!

  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish

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