Hi all, and thank you so much for being Patrons! You're awesome!! <3 :)

With your help, I will be able to devote a week in January to projects. PROJECTS. Half my work closet is full of them! I'm excited! :D 

For my Patrons, I will post exclusive tutorial videos, progress photos and videos, and high res photos of the finished items. 

Things I am hoping to achieve within the first half of 2016:

1. Azone Cat Aika repaint! (she will be sold, or perhaps raffled off if we reach a milestone goal)

2. DIY Pullip girl! I got one of those DIY kits a while ago (a long time ago), and finally ordered eye chips for her, which was the last part I needed. I've painted a few Pullip faces for customers before, and I'm looking forward to creating my first entirely custom Pullip! :)

3. More Zodiac heads! I think I will do Libra next, I have the perfect canvas for it and am feeling inspired! :)

4. FL Elf Rin modding project - she's been in progress for a while, and I'm hoping to finish her in January. 

5. Domadoll Assi restoration/rescue project. I got this girl in a trade for cheaps because she has some issues. Also, her body is, to me, rather oddly sculpted and engineered. I am planning on fixing her up and modding her into a beautiful fresh and new doll. :)

6. Tonner dolls! I'll be starting with Galadriel from the LOTR set. :)

7. Lots of Monster High girls in various variations of customization. Also some boys! 

8. Various BJD heads that I've collected over time! As projects, I will also be painting 1 or 2 Volks DWC heads to sell. These are sculpts that I don't paint on a commission basis, so it'll be a little special.

9. Finish Elf Raven version 2.0! I want to get at least one cast out of him. Whether or not we'll be able to have a full run of him remains to be seen. But I want him finished! Maybe we'll hold a little poll to see what his new name should be. :)

10. I feel like there should be a #10... I'll think of something! I think this is a worthy busy goal for the first half of 2016. ;)

If you guys have any ideas, things you would like to see from me, please do always feel free to share! :D <3

Love to all,