• YUP! I haven’t done a month-specific reward that isn’t a sketchbook before, so please be easy on me! And even if you don’t want the lewd special, still consider getting any other rewards! And even if you donate a $1, I’ll still treasure it!

• Please please please send me your request via Twitter (@thestarsamurai) or Tapastic PM (also thestarsamurai) in the first 2 weeks of the month. If there are extenuating circumstances like LIFE HAPPENINGS, I’ll 100% understand. In that case, as early as you can/AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It makes it easier for me to plan out getting rewards out the next month, that’s all. :’)

• Think of this as a visual novel. Or…if you don’t know what a visual novel is, think of this as a story with two possible endings. Except this time, oh my god, you actually get to see my lewd drawings, which is something I’ve been working hard on. (Heh…) I’m very hard on (…I need to stop…) myself, so I don’t think I’m good enough still. But I am getting somewhere. And this will be fun to draw - so I’m pretty excited about it!!!