2016 wishes and news
So here goes 2016, I have to say that 2015 was a huge mess for me (as for 2014 to be honest). Searching for a job again and again, multiple interviews, loads of job applications, failure freelance etc etc... NO 2015 WAS SHIT !

I’m currently passing an exam to be a functionary and the oral is tomorrow (the 4th), and that’s the last step for me to have a job, I really wish I can get it really, I don’t want my parents to pay for what I need... I want to live on my own, yes that’s my wish for 2016.

You might say “functionary ? Ronan that’s far away from your dream job !”. Let’s be honest, here at last, at 36 you are too old to be a job starter and I don’t have enough money for having my own big firm with employee. Here they always search for the 5 legged sheep, young, with experience and high diploma. (and I only have the high diploma).

So I pretty much gave up being a graphic designer, it’s pointless to dig for more than 2 years for nothing and even if that sadden me, I have to keep on going.

You might noticed that I haven’t drew much lately, it’s because first I was working, second I was with my family and third is stress and loss of focus, the reason isn’t because I won’t be a graphic designer.

Don’t worry I will keep on drawing and wanting to meet my friends and chat, but it won’t be my main goal anymore, more like a hobby (actually drawing was my hobby to start with ha ha).

All in all I wish you a happy new year, lots of work and luck and health to you, your family, your friends and all the people you love and cherish !

Big Hugs ! Ronan