2016, the year of Collaborations
Anybody else scrambling after the past year, feeling a bit tossed around? It's been a hectic year with lots of surprises - some amazing, and some quite painful. The way through? For me, it's connection to community. There have been moments where what I had was the willingness to keep dialing until someone would answer and be able to listen for a few minutes, and they did, and it's inspired me.

All theses projects I've been holding on to, trying to do them myself... 

It's time for collaboration!

So, I'm launching my Patreon and asking for community help and I'm scheduling collaborative tapping events - starting next Monday in Austin Texas, 


Bryter Business LABS soft launch is next Tuesday, and a weekend video marketing workshop scheduled for late February. (I'll add the links for those as well)

Oh, there's much more in the works too!

Do stay tuned, and add your questions and comments.

It's all about collaboration, after all!