2016's End of Year Videos
The current plan for 2016's End of Year Glass of Water Video is still "The Legacy of Kingdom Hearts." Assuming that video turns out to be a dud, the plan is to have a video discussing alternate designs in characterization for Equestria's four Princesses.

However, as everyone is likely aware of, the end of the year typically also marks the summary of the last season of Friendship is Magic as an In A Minute, and a rundown of the five best and worst episodes of that season. This likely to be done sooner than December due to the likelihood of the season ending in either October or November.

For "Season 6 in X Minutes", I would like to offer all Heroic, Mythic and World First Patrons the opportunity to be in this video by reading out one or two of the lines for the script. The details of who will volunteer to read what will be dealt with in the next Patron call.