2017 and Goals

I somehow survived my first semester of graduate school. I'll admit, the transition from working full-time and living in a beautiful and liberal mountain city to being a broke, full-time student in a grey, suburban/industrialized city was really difficult. Coupled with the fact that I no longer have a car, thanks to a turn of fate, getting around has been hard and it's dramatically and negatively impacted my quality of life in terms of physical an emotional health. However, I seem to have the ability to always just keep on fighting and to pull myself out of the dark.

Working on my new project,  currently titled "Black Woman=Radical Subject," has given me a focus and a purpose. The funds donated through patreon are going towards buying materials for this project. This includes 

Oil Paint 

Oil Paint mediums (odorless turpenoid, brush cleaner, linseed oil)

Acrylic Gesso

Paint Brushes

Painter's tape

Seran Wrap


Wood for stretcher bars

Staples for staple gun

I have some goals for this semester (January - May) that I feel it's really time for me to do, in terms of professional practice. I decided against the 2D Animation class I was taking in favor of an independent study where I can really focus on making work and on other dimensions of my artistic practice. 

-Make a video for my Patreon (I think it's time I get one of these up! I'm hoping to barter with another artist maybe help them out with a website or social media etc).

-Exhibit some work (I'll be having a one night exhibition in Syracuse on April 10th with a friend, but I'd like to have a solo exhibition of my work this year).

-Update my website. 

-Host an art giveaway on Instagram & Tumblr! 

-Collaborate with another Black woman content creator. (and also to grow my own network and conncet with creators)

-Livestream regularly on Twitch. (I'm going to be updating my current pc hardware to handle all the new demands on it)

I want to give a huge shout out to those of you who are supporting me and my work! You are amazing and beautiful!

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