2017 AUDI RS3 Convertible (Animated Roof) [Add-On/Livery] (PREVIEW)

2017 AUDI RS3 Convertible (Animated Roof) [Add-On] for the Tier 4 (VIP) " Patreon Exclusive VIP Series" Section, but also available on Tier 3 for "June 2018" Patreons.

Base model: CG

Other Parts: Self made in Blender, FH3, and some other Sources


  • ***ANIMATED ROOF***  
  • HQ Exterior  
  • HQ Interior  HQ Doorsills   
  • 3D Enginebay & Trunk  
  • Livery Support  
  • Hands on Steeringwheel  
  • Working Dials  
  • ADD-ON Version ONLY cause no LODs possible.
  • And all other standarts...  

Paint Options: PAINT1 - Body , PAINT2 - Interior Leather

Pictures say more than Words...

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